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Ales on the Rails

Our brand new beer festival sets off to a steaming start on the 8 September through to the 10, so make sure you join us for an incredible range of real ales and ciders! But which real ales and ciders we hear you cry? Well it just so happens we have listed them in a handy table below, and you can also pick up a beer guide (with tasting notes) at the event!

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 Bank Top Brewery  Flat Cap 4.0% 
 Bank Top Brewery Lunar Halo  3.8% 
 Bank Top Brewery Old Slapper  4.2% 
 Bexley Brewery Bexley's Own  4.2% 
 Bradfield Brewery Farmer's Blonde  4.0% 
 Brew York Little Eagle  4.5% 
 Chadwicks Brewery Castle Mill Mild  3.6% 
 Chadwicks Brewery  Kirkland Blonde  3.6% 
 Chadwicks Brewery Miller Bridge Bitter  4.0% 
 Chadwicks Brewery Kapellan  4.1% 
 Chadwicks Brewery Castle Pale  4.2% 
 Clarks Brewery Classic Blonde  3.9% 
 Derwent Brewery Tommy Legs  4.5% 
 Doghouse Brewery Low Down Red  3.6% 
 Doghouse Brewery Cats Whiskers  4.0% 
 Eden Brewery Best  4.0% 
 Eden Brewery Gold  4.2% 
 Eden Brewery Pale  3.6% 
 Eden Brewery Blonde Knight 4.4%
 Exe Valley Brewery It's Phil's Ale 4.8% 
 Firebird Brewing Co. Two Horses  3.8% 
 Firebird Brewing Co. Styrian Wolf  4.2% 
 Firebird Brewing Co. Pacific Gem 4.2% 
 Firebird Brewing Co. Paleface APA  5.2% 
 Fuzzy Duck Brewery Mucky Duck  4.0% 
 G2 Brewing Sail  4.2% 
 Hopstar Brewery Blonde  4.0% 
 Hopstar Brewery Dark Knight  4.0% 
 Hopstar Brewery Jc  4.1% 
 Leeds Brewery  Hellfire  5.2% 
 Loddon Brewery Forbury Lion  5.5% 
 Maxim Brewery Samson  4.0% 
 Northern Whisper Yammerhouse  4.5% 
 Northern Whisper Oppenchops  4.0% 
 Nth Yorks Brewing co. Yorkshire Porter   5.0% 
 Purity Brewing Pure Gold  3.8% 
 Purity Brewing Bunny Hop  3.5% 
 Purity Brewing UBU ("oo-boo")  4.5% 
 Purple Moose Brewery Glaslyn  4.2% 
 Purple Moose Brewery Ysgawen 4.0%
 Ran Ales Brewery Flya  4.5% 
 Ran Ales Brewery Coppa Flya  4.0% 
 Ran Ales Brewery Hedge Hopper  4.5% 
 Ran Ales Brewery Rambo  TBA 
 Reedly Hallows Old Laund Bitter  3.6% 
 Reedly Hallows Monkhouse  4.2% 
 Reedly Hallows Nook of Pendle  5.0% 
 Rossendale Brewery Sunshine  5.3% 
 Rossendale Brewery Floral Dance  3.8% 
 Southport Brewery Sandgrounder  3.8% 
 Southport Brewery Dark Night 3.9% 
 Southport Brewery Carousel  4.0% 
 Southport Brewery Golden Sands  4.0% 
 Spitting Feathers Brewery Session  3.6% 
 Spitting Feathers Brewery Thirst Quencher  3.9% 
 Spitting Feathers Brewery Brainstorm  4.0% 
 Spitting Feathers Brewery Honey Trap 4.1%
 Spitting Feathers Brewery Dukkah IPA 4.7%
 St Georges Brewery Dirty Habit 3.8% 
 Thirst Class Ale Green Bullet Pale Ale 4.0% 
 Thirst Class Ale Stocky Oatmeal Stout  4.7% 
 Thirst Class Ale In at the Deep End  5.3% 
 Thirst Class Ale Hoppy Couple  6.2% 
 Tudor Brewery Skirrid Welsh Bitter  4.2% 
 Tudor Brewery Blorenge Golden Ale  3.8%
 Tudor Brewery IPA 4.0%
 Tudor Brewery Sugarloaf 4.8%
 Three B's Brewery Bobbins Bitter  3.8% 
 Three B's Brewery Tacklers Tipple  4.3% 
 Three B's Brewery Doff Cocker 4.5%
 Twickenham Fine Ales Grandstand  3.8% 
 Twickenham Fine Ales Redhead 4.1%
 Twickenham Fine Ales Summer Sun  4.4% 
 Twickenham Fine Ales Sundancer 3.7%
 Twickenham Fine Ales Naked Ladies 4.4%
 Vibrant Forest Brewery  Summerlands 3.5%
 Vibrant Forest Brewery Zuur Rhubarb 3.5% 
 Vibrant Forest Brewery Cydonia 4.7%
 Vibrant Forest Brewery Citra 5.0%
 Weal Ales Sqweal  3.9% 
 Weal Ales Wealy Hopper  4.2% 
 Weal Ales Weal Noir 4.8% 
 Weal Ales Lemon & Ginger Weal  5.5% 
 Wolf Brewery Battle of Britain  3.9% 


 Beard & Sabre Yardarm Medium  5.5% 
 Bottle Kicking Raspberry & Pomegranate  TBA 
 Circle Cider Cats Tounge  TBA 
 Colcombe House Charlie's No.6  6.0% 
 Colcombe House Roaring Rocks 6.0% 
 Dorset Nectar Old Harry Rocks Organic 6.0% 
 Gibbet Oak Falstaff Bramley  6.0% 
 Gwatkins Silly Ewe 4.5% 
 Gwynt y Draig Black Dragon 7.2% 
 Haywood Farm Dry Cider  TBA 
 Hunt's Bull Walloper  7.2% 
 Hunt's  Wobbler  6.2% 
 Millwhites Blackberry Bush  4.0% 
 Millwhites Rioja Dry  6.7% 
 Millwhites Rum Cask  7.5% 
 Mr Whiteheads Heart of Hampshire Dry  6.0% 
 Mr Whiteheads Novo Pyrus Pear Cider  7.0% 
 Purbeck joe's Dry  5.6% 
 Scrumpy Wasp  Amnesia 7.2% 
 Snails Bank Fruit Bat  4.0% 
 Stockmoor Dabinett   6.0% 
 Stockmoor Gilly 5.0% 
 Stockmoor Yarlington Mill  7.5% 
 Thirsty Farmer Mango  4.0% 
 Thirsty Farmer Medium  4.5% 
 Thirsty Farmer Strawberry  4.0% 
 Turners Dry  7.0% 
 West Milton Dorset Twilight  6.0% 

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