DMU Weekend

Scenic Diesel Railcar Class 122

Updated 10th November:

  • DMU Drag is now hauled by the Class 33 (replacing the Class 25)
  • Class 122 ‘Bubblecar’ now hauls a ‘BSK’ carriage (replacing the ‘Stove’)

These dynamic, diminutive diesel railcars take centre stage all weekend as we celebrate these little powerhouses and all they can do with our dedicated DMU gala event.

Good things really do come in small packages, as these amazing diesel railcars prove. They don’t always get the attention they deserve, so our DMU weekend makes sure they get their place in the limelight.

Ride up and down the ELR all weekend long on these scenic railcars and admire these powerful pint-sized engines in action. We’ll have a whole fleet of DMUs thundering up and down the line, including:

  • Class 104
  • Class 105 ‘Cravens’
  • Class 110 ‘Calder Valley’
  • Class 122 ‘Bubblecar’
  • Class 144 ‘Pacer’


  • Class 122 paired with a single ‘BSK’ carriage (Saturday)
  • DMU ‘drag’: Class 33, (33109) and Class 104 (Saturday)
  • Evening train: Bury > Ramsbottom > Heywood > Bury (Saturday)
  • Class 104 and 110 (paired) return working to Hopwood (Sunday)

For this popular weekend event, choose a one or two day rover ticket and ride as often as you like. Tickets are available at a discounted rate.

( Prices will revert to on the day prices if purchased on the day of travel ) 

Details subject to change.


13th & 14th Nov 2021

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