Fright at the Museum

Join us for a theatrical evening of spine-chilling tales told in exquisite darkness! Make your way through the Bury Transport Museum as local ghosts, witches and all manner of unmentionables horrify you with tall tales from the other side. Remember: stay together and keep moving forward, then maybe you will survive to recount your own tale of terror!

This experience includes a theatrical ghost tour around the Bury Transport Museum, listening to spine chilling stories told by frighteningly freaky costumed characters.

This is a scarier, 60-minute-long experience recommended for ages 12 and up. This event will take place in the dark and there are uneven surfaces, so please wear appropriate footwear and follow the instructions of your guide. Please note there is no train ride included with this event and it is not part of the Halloween Ghost Trains.

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Tickets must be purchased in advance. This ticket does not get you access to the East Lancashire Railway Halloween Ghost Trains.



Child (12 – 18 Yrs)

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What is the recommended age?

The recommended age is 12 and over.

Is there a train ride included with this event?

There is no train ride included with the Fright at the Museum event.

Can I use my Halloween Ghost Train ticket to get access to Fright at the Museum or vice versa?

No. The Halloween Ghost Trains and Fright at the Museum events are separate. You cannot use your Halloween Ghost Train ticket to access Fright at the Museum and you cannot use your Fright at the Museum ticket to access the Halloween Ghost Trains.

Where does the Fright Night take place?

The Fright Night takes place at Bury Transport Museum on Castlecroft Road, sited just across the road from Bury Bolton Street Station.

Will food and drink be available?

There will be a snack hut in the museum yard so that visitors can purchase food and soft drinks.

How long does this experience last?

The experience lasts approximately 60 minutes.

Is the experience accessible for people with limited mobility?

The museum is fully wheelchair accessible, however please note that some sections of the museum are cobbled and feature uneven ground.

Are there toilets at the museum?

There are toilets located at the museum.

Where is the best place to park my car?

Bolton Street Station and the surrounding area has very limited parking. You can find further information on parking here.