Heritage Open Days at Bury Transport Museum

Celebrate local history with us at Bury Transport Museum.

Our fair isle is rich in history, from the hill forts of the ancients to the towering monuments to industry of the Victorian era, you almost cannot take a step in Britain without passing by, tripping over or in some cases falling into some relic of our colourful past.

As a heritage railway committed to preserving and celebrating this history, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to take part in Heritage Open Week. Taking place 6 – 15 September across the country, this is a great way to see hidden spaces, try out new experiences and get in touch with the unique story of our nation.

Bury Transport Museum will be the site of our own efforts to showcase the heritage of Lancashire, and we will be working alongside other local venues to tell a cohesive narrative covering history, art, theatre and more.

What you’ll find at the museum:

  • A collection of vintage vehicles on display in the museum yard.
  • A display featuring the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Directors Saloon, you can even climb inside to take a look.
  • Shunting demonstrations courtesy of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Pug, a guest locomotive at the railway that was returned to service in 2022.
  • A display featuring two additional engines from the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway, 752 and the newly arrived Radial Tank 1008.

More attractions will be added as the event draws closer, so watch this space.

Find out more about Heritage Open Days.

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