Western Region Weekend

Venturing West!

The Western Region comes to Greater Manchester and Lancashire.

‘Teddy Bears’, ‘Warships’, ‘Hymeks’, ‘Peaks’ and of course ‘Hoovers’ – the nicknames affectionately associated with locomotives of the former British Rail Western Region – will operate a themed timetable, paying tribute to this popular part of the network.

Formerly the Great Western Railway (GWR) in the days of steam, or known to many as ‘God’s Wonderful Railway’, business travellers and commuters would head to/from London Paddington, Cardiff and Bristol, whilst tourists would flock en-mass on summer Saturdays to coastal resorts in Wales and the West Country.

This is a fantastic opportunity to ride behind these fantastic heritage locomotives, many synonymous with express passenger trains across the West of England, and all for the standard ELR fare. One added bonus will be a DMU drag on the rear of a service train, faithfully creating the Western Region days of British Rail.


  • GWR Steam Locomotive:
    • 4079 ‘Pendennis Castle’
  • Heritage Diesel Hydraulics:
    • ‘Teddy Bear’ Class 14, D9531 ‘Ernest’
    • ‘Hymek’ D7076
    • ‘Warship’ D832 ‘Onslaught’
  • Heritage Diesel Electrics:
    • ‘Peak’, Class 45, 45108
    • ‘Hoover’, Class 50, 50015 ‘Valiant’
  • Heritage First Generation DMU:
    • ‘Bubblecar’ W55001, relaunched following maintenance and a repaint
  • Intensive timetable with evening trains on Saturday
  • Saturday evening triple-headed Diesel Hydraulic service with Classes 14, 35 & 42.
  • Double Heading:
    • Pendennis Castle & Warship (Saturday)
    • Pendennis Castle & Hymek (Sunday)
  • Traversal of rare track with W55001 around Bury Station to include Platform 1, Baron Street Gates & Castlecroft
  • Rare DMU drag on the rear of a service train
  • Standard Ticket prices – when booking a family ticket, the appropriate discount will be applied at checkout.
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