Accessibility Statement

The East Lancashire Railway welcomes customers of all abilities.

We operate a fleet of mainly pre-1960’s railway carriages and most of our standard service trains have space available for customers with mobility impairments including some wheelchair spaces. We are currently introducing new accessible coaches with ramps and wider doors. As space is inevitably limited, we recommend that wheelchair users contact us in advance in order that we can make suitable arrangements. This will help us to make your visit a more pleasurable one.

A step and wheelchair ramp are carried on all standard service trains and these are available to help you to access or leave the trains – please ask a member of staff for assistance.

Wheelchair users please note: our ramps have a weight limit of 250kg. They will take an ordinary wheelchair, plus user and pusher or a small battery operated chair. However, they are not suitable for larger motorized scooters or buggies.

There are toilets on most of our standard service trains. Owing to their small dimensions, we regret that these toilets cannot accommodate wheelchairs. Some services operated by diesel multiple units (DMU’s) may not have on-board toilets.

We welcome assistance dogs in all our carriages.

Please note: no dogs, aside from official guide and assistance dogs, are permitted into Bury Transport Museum.

If you have any questions as to how we can help you further, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to help you to plan your visit, contact us on 0333 320 2830.

Visiting during Special Events

It is possible to accommodate guests with mobility impairments however, because these events are generally very busy, prior notice is essential before visiting in order to make sure special arrangements are in place.

Dining Train

It is not possible for customers who need the use of a wheelchair to travel in the Guards Van or to travel in the Dining Cars in their wheelchair. Passengers must be able to board our coaches via the steps and make the few steps to their seats either with or without help. We regret that our 1950’s coaches are unable to accommodate a wheelchair.

Guide dogs can be accommodated however this needs to be mentioned during booking.

Mobile Phone Coverage

Generally Mobile Phone coverage is good over all parts of the line however there are 3 tunnels where signal may easily be lost.


Light refreshments are available on most of our trains from our on-board buffets. Buffet facilities are available at Bury Bolton Street on most operating days. Facilities at other staffed stations are open on an occasional basis – please check for details. Additionally, we have pub facilities at Bury and Rawtenstall.

Facilities at our stations are as follows:


This station has ample parking for customers visiting the railway with easy access to our station. The station building here is accessed via a small gradual ramp. The station also features accessible toilets.

Bury Bolton Street

This is our main headquarters from which you may choose to start your journey. The station’s booking office, information office and shop are located at street level with the platforms being accessed either directly via stairs, or down a gradual incline to the side of the station.

There is a level car park to the side of the station with direct access to platform 2. However to reach the booking office there is a short walk up a gradual incline.

The station’s pub, The Trackside is located on platform 2 and has good level access from the station car park. Toilets, including an accessible toilet with baby changing facilities, are located on the same platform
Platforms 3 and 4 can be either accessed via the stairs from the main concourse or via the stations ‘barrow crossing’ which can be used if escorted by a member of staff. Also located on this platform is a buffet which has good access as well as toilets, including an accessible toilet and baby changing facilities.


The platform can be either accessed via steps towards the south or by a gradual ramp at the north end. There is very limited parking here and no amenities at this station.


The station features flat street level access to platform 2. To access platform 1 you will need to be escorted across the ‘barrow crossing’ towards the north end of the station by a member of staff. The platform is slightly lower than the train which will require the ramp to be quite steep.

Toilets and amenities are available during most operating days.

Irwell Vale

This station is accessible and does have a small car park. The path to the platform is a gradual ramp featuring a cobble covered surface. There are no amenities at this station.


This station located next to the A682 has flat street level access to the platform however the surface is slightly uneven as you head towards the train. The station also features Ladies, Gentleman’s and accessible toilets, including baby changing facilities. There is a small waiting room that can be accessed via a ramp as well as a bar area which has flat level access.

Bury Transport Museum

The Museum has limited car parking facilities, including disabled badge space. Entrance to the Museum is step free when entering the Museum Yard from Castlecroft Road, otherwise entry to the Yard is via steps down from Bolton Street. The Yard is lit with floodlights during evening events. The Museum and Yard is cobble stoned which can be challenging for wheelchairs and those with reduced mobility. Inside the Museum, there are lifts to the Education Suite, and the two overlooking platforms. Viewing from the platforms is advised for those with concerns accessing the Museum via the cobbled floor. The Museum features Ladies, Gentlemen and two accessible toilets, including baby change facilities.

(Updated June 2019)

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