Food and Drink

We’ve got brilliant buffets, delicious platform cafés, heritage pubs and a whole host of places for you to eat, drink and watch the trains go by

A day out on the East Lancashire Railway is guaranteed to work up your appetite. While our hungry engines are guzzling water and being refuelled, why not take a break in one of our cafes or local family friendly pubs – or indulge in a sophisticated dining experience onboard!

The Trackside

Looking for a nice pub near you, fancy a tipple before or after your travels, and you want to do it in style next to our spectacular engines? The Trackside is the place to be. The bar has an entirely new look, a new vibe and a mouth wateringly delicious new menu which we’re sure you’re going to love, so be sure to check it out.

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Buffer Stops Bar

A cosy stop after a journey up the line to Rawtenstall, our bustling little Buffer Stops bar – complete with traditional waiting room – is a key stop on our Rail Ale Trail and a lovely country pub. It’s the perfect place to enjoy one of five hand-pumped real ales, a craft cider or a continental beer or lager.

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The Buffet

If you’re hopping on, hopping off or joining us at our Bolton Street Station in Bury, be sure to stop by The Buffet on platform 3 and 4. It’s the perfect place to eat in Bury. Grab a steaming cup of tea or coffee, a fresh sandwich or a tasty snack as you wait for the next train.

Rawtenstall Café

John and his team welcome you to a cost heritage carriage that has been converted into a quirky little café! Enjoy a plethora of delectable treats including fresh sandwiches, hot pies and sausage rolls, cakes, sweets and chocolates.  You can also enjoy hot or cold drinks whilst sitting inside or outside. As if that wasn’t enough there’s also a selection of souvenirs, gifts and memorabilia to pick up to remember your visit by.

Whistlestop Coffee Carriage

The Whistlestop Coffee Carriage is housed at our Heywood Station in a former rail unit – and will serve coffees, teas and hot chocolates alongside an extensive range of sweet treats including cakes and up to 12 different flavours of ice cream.

Picnic Areas

Every stop along the East Lancashire Railway has dedicated family picnic areas, so wherever you fancy hopping off, you’ll always find a place to unwrap your sandwiches and pull out your snacks from Bury’s famous market, Ramsbottom’s delis or Rawtenstall’s bakers.

Luxury Dining Trains

If you’re looking for a truly sophisticated dining experience, surrounded by history and heritage, then climb aboard one of our vintage carriages to eat and drink in style. From special meals to murder mystery nights, you’ll find a whole host of delectable options.