How To Help the ELR

We need your support

We’ve always relied on the help of visitors, the local community and generous individuals like you to preserve the history and heritage of the East Lancashire Railway. We simply couldn’t do it without you. The impact of Covid-19 has made your support even more essential, so any help you can give us is always greatly appreciated.

Support our latest campaign for Higher Woodhill Viaduct.

Support our campaign for the Locomotive Works Roof.

Ways to Donate

There are lots of different ways you can donate to the ELR, from generous gifts to small contributions. You can add Gift Aid to your ticket fee, set up a regular donation online or take part in our fundraising efforts. Even your everyday online shopping can help us!

Ways to donate

Volunteer With Us

We’re always on the look out for passionate volunteers to help us keep the ELR open and preserved for future generations. You could staff the ticket office, keep our heritage carriages bright and shining or even drive our trains! There’s lots of areas to volunteer with us, and lots of benefits too.

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Become a Member

If you’re a regular visitor to the ELR, why not join our East Lancashire Railway Preservation Society? You’ll help support exciting new railway projects and you’ll get special updates, special access and three free trips on the line every year!

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