The Dino Adventure

Dinky Dinosaur Adventure Group Photo

Have you ever wanted to pet a pachycephalosaurus, get together with a Triceratops or tickle a T-Rex under the chin?

Now’s your chance. Join our intrepid explorers on an adventure of Jurassic proportions as we give you the opportunity to get up close and personal with our baby dinosaurs.

It’s a perfect adventure for dino fans from ages 5 – 12 but anyone is welcome to join the fun. You’ll get to learn all about these adorable dinosaurs from our expert handlers in this fully interactive experience that is both educational and entertaining for all the family. Come along an earn your diploma in dino know how and begin your training as a palaeontologist of the future.

What’s included

  • One return trip from Bury to Rawtenstall hauled by a dino-proofed steam train.
  • An approximately two hour dinosaur experience with expert rex wranglers and triceratops tamers.
  • Dinosaur themed activities.
  • Plenty of photo oppotunities.
  • Make your day complete with a trip to Bury Transport Museum, sited just across the road from Bury Bolton Street Station.

Food and drink will be available to purchase from our café on Platform 3/4 at Bury Bolton Street Station and from the Rawtenstall Buffet.

Departure Times

It is recommended you arrive 20 minutes before the departure time stated on your ticket.

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