Murder Mystery Nights

Have you got the super-sleuth skills to find and solve the clues? The detective persona to interrogate the suspects? The judge and jury deliberation to identify the killer?

Then our murder mystery evenings are the perfect way to enjoy delicious food and an evening of murder, puzzles, questioning and solving the ultimate ‘who dunnit’. Provided by the award winning After Dark Entertainment this is sure to fill you full of suspense and intrigue whilst being steam hauled through the beautiful Irwell Valley.

Expect a sparkling welcome drink upon boarding and a sumptuous three course meal followed by coffee and after dinner chocolate. With your own personal waiter/waitress for the evening you can relax knowing every aspect of your experience will be catered for to the highest standards.

The evening commences at 6:45pm where you will be checked in and directed to the opening scene with a prompt start time of 7:00pm. You will be advised of your table number and carriage when checking in. The journey lasts just under 3 hours with a return time of 10:15pm where you will then find out who committed that dastardly deed and, who ultimately, solved the case with the highest score, winning the trophy!

The dress code is smart/casual however we do encourage dressing in relation to the theme.

Please note when making your booking, dietary requirements of Vegetarian/Vegan/Gluten Free/Pescatarian/Halal/Dairy Free/Diabetic can be selected from the ticket option menu using drop down selection button. Tickets are priced at £89.00pp and are for over 16’s only. Price includes train fare.

If you have further dietary requirements, please contact us in advance of booking at

Tickets now on-sale.


Death At The Dons – 17 August, 2024

When you get a band of Gangsters and Molls all in one room then someone is bound to end up dead. Especially when there’s a dirty rat in their midst. You’d better work quickly to solve this case before you end up swimming with the fishes. Remember, if you solve this case, you’ll have dodged a bullet!

Moulin Rouge Mystery – 20 July, 2024

Join us for an evening of mystery, music, and mischief at Paris’ most extravagant nightclub. There’s secrets and seduction behind every door at the Moulin Rouge, but which suspect is secretly a killer? Come what may, you’ll need to uncover all the clues amidst the twirling tulle and glittering cancan kicks.

Miss Marbles Mystery – 8 November, 2024

There’s been a murder at the vicarage! St. Mary Mead has become a bed of suspicion when someone is found mulched in the vicarage garden and the green fingers are pointing at Miss Marbles! You’ll need to weed out the truth and dig deep to unearth all the evidence, can you discover the thorn amongst the roses in this horticultural whodunit?

Murder At The Ritz – 20 September, 2024

It’s the roaring twenties and there’s only one place to go for a good time and a good crime where you can enjoy glamour and glitz and that’s the Ritz! Is the Bellboy a bad egg? Has the waitress got wicked intent, or could the hostess be homicidal? If you’re blue and you don’t know where to find clues, you’ll have to search where the killer sits…. puttin’ on the Ritz!

Death At The Rock N’ Roll Diner – 7 June, 2024

Put another dime in the jukebox! It’s time for the annual Interstate 55 Pie contest and Happy Al’s Diner are proud to be hosting the celebrations this year. There’s just one problem, it looks like murder is on the menu as our contestants become suspects! Can you lend a hand-jive in catching this killer, surely it should be easy as pie?

Crime At Clu-Doh Hall – 21 June, 18 October, 2024

It’s time to discover Who? What? And Where?
When the remains of a body are discovered in the cellar of the Black estate. It transpires that the victim could only have been killed by one of six people in one of six locations by one of six weapons. See if you can discover the true colours of your suspects and solve this crime. Remember not everything is always a black and white as it seems in the game of murder!

Star Wreck Deep Space Crime – 5 July, 4 October, 2024

Frontiers don’t get much more final than murder! There’s a killer on the crew of the starship and you’re going to need to beam up to find them out as you boldly go where no amateur sleuth has gone before… just don’t wear your red uniform!

Treachery on Treasure Island – 2 August, 23 November, 2024

It’s time to share out the booty as the captains and crews from the Pirate Clans meet on Pirate Island. All was going well in the truce they had arranged until someone killed the pirate leader and stole all the treasure. Which of these pirates has carried out their revenge in the worst way possible?

Invitation to Murder – 9 August, 2024

Join an eclectic collection of famous golden age detectives as they investigate the killing of a reclusive author. Everyone is a suspect at this sinister soiree.

The Killer Takes it All – 24 August, 2024

“Here we go again”! Murder is the “Name of the Game”, and we need you to be a “Super Trouper” and “Take a Chance” on finding the killer!

Death of a Diva – 6, 27 September, 2024

It’s time for an evening of murder and melodrama as the stage is set for some super soprano sleuthing. Just make sure you don’t break a leg and solve the case before the large lady sings.

Deadly Ever After – 11 October, 2024

Mirror, Mirror on the wall – Who is the most murderous of them all! Can you discover which of these fairy tale villains is worse than the others and make sure this story has a “happily ever after”.

Murder By Illusion – 1 November, 2024

Are you relying on Magic or can you solve this crime before the killer vanished in a puff of smoke?

Strictly Come Dying – 9 November 2024

A well-choreographed crime has been committed at the local ballroom championships and it’s up to you to quickstep your way to the crime scene and catch this deadly dancer before they waltz away!

Victorian Christmas – 6, 13 December, 2024

It’s time to find out what the Dickens is going on as a Christmas Party ends before it even begins as the host ends up dead. Join us in this traditional festive frolic that could reveal more than the suspects bargained for. God Bless us! Everyone.

Dining With Distinction

2024 Dates

Our Murder Mystery Dining trains run on selected Fridays and Saturdays throughout the year. The evening starts at Bury Bolton Street Station at 6:45pm and finishes at approximately 10:15pm. Priced at £89.90 per head.

Ticket now on-sale.

2024 Menus

The 2024 Murder Mystery Menus are available below.

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Where does the Dining Train depart from?

The Dining Train departs from, and returns to, Bury Bolton Street Station.

Will our service be steam hauled?

Every effort will be made to ensure that steam locomotives haul our dining services. However, should a steam locomotive be unavailable, the East Lancashire Railway reserves the right to substitute a diesel locomotive without prior notice. We reserve the right to suspend, reschedule or cancel services if operational circumstances or safety make this necessary.

My tickets don't have any details of which table I will be dining at?

We do not guarantee that the seats you book will be the seats you are given on the day. This is because our Dining Train Manager may have to move passengers around to allow us to accommodate those with limited mobility or large groups. However, we do guarantee those booked on a table for two, will be seated on a table for two. Those booked on a table for four, will be seated on a table for four. If you have booked two seats on a table of four, you will be seated next to each other, allowing both parties on the table to benefit from a window seat.

Please advise us if you have booked specific seats due to mobility or have arranged to be seated next to a booking under a different name.

Are children allowed on the diner?

Our evening diners are for ages 16 and over (18+ on Tasters, Comedy and Premium), but children are most welcome on our day time diners, which includes our midweek luncheons, Lancastrian lunches and festive lunches. A child ticket can be chosen at the time of booking and a smaller version of the set menu will be provided. A child ticket children aged 5 to 12, you are more than welcome to bring a child under 5, but they will not get a seat and we cannot provide a high chair due to the layout of the carriage.

Can I bring my own drinks on-board?

The East Lancashire Railway has a selection of reasonably priced drinks on board.

You can bring bottled wine or champagne on board, but there will be a corkage fee of £10.00 per bottle.

Is the Dining Train wheelchair accessible?

All of our Diners depart from Bury Bolton Street Station which has step free access to the platforms. However, we regret that our 1950’s coaches are unable to accommodate wheelchair passengers. We can provide a small ramp during boarding to aid those with limited mobility, but passengers will be required to walk to their seats. Please let us know when making your booking that you require priority seating near the door.

What is the reception drink on board and can I change it?

It is a sparkling Perry, 7.5% alc and can be changed for a fresh orange juice upon request.

Can I bring my dog on board?

No, dogs are not permitted on board, unless it is an assistance dog which you will need to notify us about beforehand.

What is the dress code?

Premium nights are black tie events. We encourage fancy dress for our Murder Mysteries. Trainers, Sportswear and baseball caps are not permitted on evening diners.

We are celebrating a special occasion, what can we do to make it special?

Please let us know in advance so we can ensure our staff are aware of the occasion. You can also chose to purchase some of our dining add-ons which include champagne. These can be bought up to 7 days before the date of your experience.

Can I smoke on board?

No, E-Cigs and cigarettes are not permitted on board.

I cannot eat the set menu, is there an alternative?
  •  We cater for a range of dietary requirements including Vegetarian, Pescetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Diabetic and Halal (This will be a roast chicken breast.)
  • We also offer the option to select an alternative starter of Melon on all applicable dining experiences (excludes Mid-Week Luncheons and Afternoon Teas) and an alternative dessert of Fruit Salad or Cheese and Biscuits (Excludes Afternoon Teas.)
  • Vegetarian/Pescetarian – Starters will be as per the standard set menu unless unsuitable, in which case the advertised Vegetarian starter will be provided.
  • All dietary requirements must be selected at the time of booking, or emailed to no later than 7 days before the date of travel.
  • Please note, regretfully we are unable to cater for diabetic, lactose free, dairy free, vegan or pescetarian options on our afternoon tea services.
I need to cancel or rearrange my booking?

In-date Vouchers can be refunded in full, up to a month after the date of purchase, to the person who made the original booking only.

  • Any bookings cancelled OVER 3 weeks before the date of the booked event – 100% refund (minus original booking fee) to original payment method.
  • Any bookings cancelled between 1 week and 3 weeks before the booked event – 100% refund via gift voucher or 75% refund to original payment method (minus original booking fee).
  • Any bookings less than a week but more than 3 days before the booked event – 50% refund via gift voucher (minus original booking fee)

Bookings cancelled less than 3 days prior to the event will not be entitled to any refund.

Refunds may take up to 28 days to process.

Has the East Lancashire Railway been affected by rising costs?

The simple answer is ‘yes’ and unfortunately these costs have to be passed on. The cost to run a steam locomotive has risen considerably. This is primarily due to the volatility of coal supply – in terms of cost and availability. On the dining train set, a Diesel generator is used for power and heating, and it is no longer permitted to use tax-free fuel for this purpose. In addition, the ELR is facing significant increases in catering cost provision which directly affects the dining operation.

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Murder Mystery Night – Adult Ticket

A Murder Mystery Night on the ELR is £79.50 per adult. This includes your meal and your train fare.