Filming at the East Lancashire Railway

Looking for a truly unique location to film your next project? Do you want access to fully operational railway infrastructure as well as scenic surroundings? The East Lancashire Railway could be just what you need.

Nestled deep in the heart of the historic Irwell Valley, the ELR runs along a twelve-mile route between Heywood in Greater Manchester and Rawtenstall in Rossendale, offering a whole myriad of locations that can easily represent a bygone era or a more contemporary setting.

In addition to this, the railway maintains a large fleet of both steam and diesel locomotives, alongside carriages and freight vehicles, all of which are available for use. Each can be disguised so that it can appear to originate from almost any nationality or period. Producers can also make use of our historical advisory services, and we can offer guidance on all aspects associated with railway operations, equipment and architecture.

Other interesting features of the line include:

  • Two Tunnels
  • Bridged viaduct over a village
  • Arched viaduct over a river
  • Busy and rural stations
  • Busy rail yard
  • Large and small railway depots

In the past the railway has worked closely with the BBC, ITV and a number of other production companies and has featured in television shows such as Hollyoaks, Being Keegan, Deal or No Deal, the League of Gentlemen and Tina and Bobby, as well as blockbusters such as Paddington 2.

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Film at the ELR

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