Rail Testing at the East Lancashire Railway

What can the East Lancashire Railway do for you?

Do you work in the railway industry and are looking for opportunities to test equipment and access track and infrastructure not readily available on the “big” railway?

The East Lancashire Railway, whilst a registered charity, exits to preserve and maintain the Railway in every sense, and so we are keen to work with the larger industry. We already have a proven reputation regarding the commissioning and testing of track machines such as rail grinders and tampers etc.

As an example, we recently supported a major Network Rail funded research project into the next generation of Rail Head Treatment Trains. This was a massive undertaking, during which three technologies were trialed; Laser, Plasma and a modernized version of pressurized water jetting using recycled glass, all fitted within an old class 153 Unit.

What we could offer:

The ELR boasts many resources that can assist you with anything you might require:

  • The ELR is a “Train Operating Company” within the sector and as such possesses its own rolling stock and has access to both Steam and Diesel Traction as well as Diesel Multiple Units.
  • The railway operates traditional heritage “Vacuum Brake” consists, however we are also capable of, and operate, “Air Brake” consists.
  • The railway features twelve miles of running line, complete with supporting infrastructure and marshalling yards. Six miles are fully track circuited with both DC and AC circuitry. A total of 96 operating miles is easily achievable on a normal working day.
  • The line is totally independent of Network Rail but usefully connects to the National Rail network at Castleton. A total of 96 operating miles is easily achievable on a normal working day.
  • The railway is Route Availability (RA) 9 and C1 for Gauging purposes.
  • The infrastructure is a traditional jointed heavy rail infrastructure using predominantly concrete sleepers with varying styles of mountings as well as old school timber sleepers with chairs etc. There are sections of both “Flat Bottomed” and “Bull Head” rail ranging from 95lb and 130lb.
  • The ELR is fully licensed by the Office of Road and Rail (ORR) to operate two designated sections of track at top speeds of “up to 60mph” for railway clients. All other sections of the line are restricted to “up to 25mph” giving prospective clients a good cross-section of operating speeds.
  • Signalling on the East Lancashire Railway is predominantly “Semaphore” with the AC Track Circuitry supporting colour light signalling. We have “motor points” in various locations with a number of ground frames and basic points elsewhere.
  • Bury Bolton Street offers a unique opportunity in that Bury South Signal Box can signal three concurrent train movements. “Up & Down” main running line and a third from and to our Baron Street Marshalling Yard.
  • Ramsbottom offers a yard with Signalbox controlled access to the running line.
  • There are two workshop areas available for use, both fed by seven rail access roads. The first is our Locomotive Shed, the oldest continuously working shed in the world. The second is our Carriage and Wagon Shed. Both have fully equipped workshops commensurate with their role.
  • There are several training and meeting rooms that can be made available.

So, what can we do for you?

We won’t know until you ask the question!

Previous projects have seen our infrastructure utilised for the basic training of track gangs, making use of demonstration track panels laid out in the yard as examples of different styles of track fixings.

In the past we have also installed sections of non-powered 3rd rail for gauging purposes and can consider installing sections of Overhead Line Equipment. Development facilities, open yard or workshop rental can also be provided, as well as Hot Vehicle Storage.

So let us know what you need, and we’ll do out level best to accomodate you.

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