The Santa Specials are a truly unforgettable experience and this year everyone can enjoy them.

With the support of Bury2Gether we will be running a specially tailored experience designed for children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. Families will be able to enjoy all the wonder of the Santa Specials, with just a few tweaks here and there to make it more accessible.

The new service will run on Saturday 25th November 2023, with calm carriages, easier access and a more flexible arrival window, offering a quieter experience with reduced music volume, no flashing lights and more.

Bury2Gether said:

“We were very pleased to work in partnership with the ELR on this exciting initiative. many people with special needs are often unable to experience and enjoy events such as Santa Specials. The ELR is to be congratulated for tailoring this event to allow people with special needs to enjoy it.”

ELR Chairman Mike Kelly said:

“We can’t wait to welcome even more families to our magical Santa Specials with the launch of our first ever SEND Christmas service. Last year, we upgraded and made the event bigger and better than ever, and this summer we’ve made some improvements thanks to the support of Bury2Gether. The event is now more accessible and we hope to spread even more joy over the festive period.”

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