The East Lancashire Railway prides itself on being part of the local community, and large parts of the railway are open to the public, including our unmanned stations and platforms, however when people head onto the tracks to try and access the locomotive works, they are trespassing.

Not only is trespassing illegal, but the damage caused by trespass and vandalism costs the railway a lot of money to deal with. Carriage windows have to repaired, graffiti has to be washed off buildings and the sides of trains and stolen equipment has to be replaced.

Not only this, but trespassing on the railway is incredibly dangerous. Though our steam and diesel trains no longer run on the main line, our railway is fully operational. Trespassers on the railway run the risk of being hit by travelling trains, getting caught up in machinery or trapped.

Please ensure to only stick to sections of the railway that are clearly signposted for public use, do not walk along the tracks and do not attempt to enter the locomotive works. Trespassers will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.