Back in the summer (2021) a Lloyds bank advert, featuring the Black Horse and Flying Scotsman was filmed at Irwell Vale on the ELR. That advert has been aired many many times nationwide on tv, in cinemas, and on advertising hoardings.

How remarkable to imagine the now-famous poster turned up one day right across from Bury Bolton Street Station, coincidence or clever planning? I will let others decide, however, the story doesn’t end there.

Richard Law and Sean Lea two of our ELR Directors, visited the Lloyds bank (separately) in Bury to see if Lloyds would reproduce the photo for use at Bolton Street and Irwell Vale stations to mark the occasion.

The bank manager Andrew Mills agreed to make enquires and the request went all the way up the Lloyds management chain and Lloyds came good and provided the railway with framed photos, which Sean (pictured) went across to collect from Andrew.

This is yet another historic connection with the Flying Scotsman? which, was restored right here at the East Lancashire Railway.

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