Our Accessibility Statement

At the East Lancashire Railway, we welcome visitors of all abilities. We’ll do whatever we can to make your visit as comfortable and accessible as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns ahead of your journey, or would like some help planning your visit, please do not hesitate to get in touch online or call us on 0333 320 2830.

Our Trains

We operate a fleet of mainly pre-1960’s railway carriages and most of our standard service trains have space available for visitors with mobility impairments including some wheelchair spaces.

We are currently introducing new accessible coaches with ramps and wider doors. As space is inevitably limited, we recommend that wheelchair users contact us in advance so we can make suitable arrangements. This will help us to make your visit a more pleasurable one.

A step and wheelchair ramp are carried on all standard service trains and these are available to help you to access or leave the trains. Just ask a member of staff for assistance and they’ll be happy to help.

Visit the TFGM for full ticket details

Location Accessibility


Wheelchair users please note: our ramps have a weight limit of 250kg. They will take an ordinary wheelchair, plus user and pusher or a small battery operated chair. However, they are not suitable for larger motorized scooters or buggies.


There are toilets on most of our standard service trains. Owing to their small dimensions, we regret that these toilets cannot accommodate wheelchairs. Some services operated by diesel multiple units (DMU’s) may not have on-board toilets.

There are accessible toilets at Bury and Rawtenstall stations.

Assistance Dogs

We welcome assistance and guide dogs in all our carriages and at the Bury Transport Museum.

Dining Train

Unfortunately, our Guards Van, Dining Cars and 1950s coaches are unable to accommodate a wheelchair. Any visitors wishing to dine aboard will need to board these coaches via the steps and get to their seat without a wheelchair.

We can accommodate guide dogs, but please let us know when booking.

Mobile Phone Coverage

There is generally good mobile phone coverage over all parts of the line, however there are three tunnels where your signal may easily be lost.


Light refreshments are available on most of our trains from our on-board buffets.

Buffet facilities are available at Bury Bolton Street on most operating days. Facilities at other staffed stations are open on an occasional basis – please check for details.

Additionally, we have pub facilities at Bury and Rawtenstall.

Station Facilities

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Download our accessibility statement

If you need to download this accessibility statement to read offline, please click here.