Build Your Own Programme

Every student has their own interests and educational needs.

The East Lancashire Railway has so much to offer, that you’re able to tailor make your own school trips and educational expeditions by picking and choosing from the sessions available below.

Perhaps you’ll spend the day handling artefacts in the Transport Museum, or maybe you’ll head out on the rails to visit the historic towns of East Lancashire. The choice is yours!

Who’s it for?

You can tailor your programme for children of all ages, abilities and educational needs so they are perfect for both primary school trips and secondary school trips.

Dates, times & prices

The East Lancashire Railway is open all year round. The price of your custom-made educational expedition depends on the sessions you choose.

  • Half day courses and full day courses with a train ride allow you to choose a single session.
  • Full day courses without a train ride allow you to choose three sessions.

Choose Your Sessions:

Session Description Duration Half Day Price Full Day Price Full Day Price (with train ride)
Suitcases & Packing Just what did people used to take on their holidays? Discover old clothing and suitcases to learn how we travelled. 45 minutes £3.50 £5.00 £9.50
Station Names & Totems Explore the museum’s collection of totems, explore the colours, letters and styles, and design your own! 45 minutes £3.50 £5.00 £9.50
Maps & Towns Discover how the growth of the railway affected Bury with period maps from 1847 and 1910 45 minutes £3.50 £5.00 £9.50
Adverts What can we learn from historic adverts? What were people buying, and how well were they using pictures, colours and words to sell their goods? 45 minutes £3.50 £5.00 £9.50
Wish You Were Here! Learn what classic postcards can tell us about historic holidays, and then create your own holiday postcard. 45 minutes £3.50 £5.00 £9.50
Build a Bridge Work in small teams to learn how bridges work, which shapes are strongest, and then put that knowledge to good use building your own bridge to roll a small car across. 45 minutes £3.50 £5.00 £9.50
Make a Moving Vehicle Design, build and test your very own four-wheeled vehicle to take home! 45 minutes £3.50 £5.00 £9.50

Download our Guide

For more information on our Town Trail educational visit, download our guide.