School Rail Trail

The Irwell Valley wasn’t just built by people – it was carved from the land by natural processes.

The aim of this full day session is to study how the Irwell Valley has been changed and adapted both by natural forces but also through the Industrial Revolution of the 19th and 20th Centuries.

Following the route of the River Irwell students will travel by steam train to the end of the line at Rawtenstall and then walk back alongside the river for about 4kms to study the effects erosion has had on the river’s path and the local countryside. They will learn all about how human and natural landscapes are formed, and carry out interactive geography fieldwork to help them learn about erosion and deposition- as well as discovering how an ox-bow lake is formed. They will also see how people use land throughout the valley.

Who’s it for?

The programme is suitable for Key Stage 2 but can be adapted for years 7 and 8.

Dates, times & prices

  • Rail Trail – Full Day with Railway Journey
    £11 per pupil
  • Accompanying Adult Ticket

Dates available:

  • 13/05/2022, 20/05/2022, 26/05/2022, 27/05/2022, 10/06/2022, 17/06/2022, 23/06/2022, 24/06/2022, 07/07/2022, 08/07/2022, 08/09/2022, 09/09/2022
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What’s included?
  • Full risk assessment
  • Safety talk and introductory presentation
  • Return trip from Bury to Rawtenstall on a heritage train
  • Expert guide to deliver the course
  • Worksheets and handouts
  • Reference materials for teaching staff
  • Guided walks along the River Irwell from Rawtenstall to Irwell Vale
  • Visit to Bury Transport Museum (optional)
  • Shop visit (optional)
What should we bring?
  • Walking boots or strong trainers
  • Warm clothing and waterproofs
  • Long trousers (recommended)
  • Notebook and writing materials
  • Packed lunch and drink