World Black Pudding Throwing Championships

Pudding the “ham” in “C-ham-pion”

The War of the Roses ended centuries ago, but every year Lancastrian’s take up arms in a delicious tribute to times long past. Seizing local delicacies in the form of Black Pudding, our breakfast bowling battlers take turns attempting to knock down an elevated pile of Yorkshire Puddings.

This tradition extends back to the 1980s, though its true origins supposedly stretch back much further, back to a time when the opposing forces of Lancaster and York ran short of ammunition and resorted to hurling their rations at one another. Whether you believe that or not, this event is sure to provide an electric atmosphere, and hundreds of puddings!

This event does not take place at the East Lancashire Railway, however we encourage you to travel there in style on board one of our heritage steam or diesel trains.

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